The Wellness Bible

The Wellness Bible

A No-Bullshit Guide to Health & Wellness

"A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession." - Hippocrates

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Or maybe you feel fine but you're ready to take your health and wellness to the next level.

The Wellness Bible is a no-bullshit guide to health and wellness written from the perspective of a skeptical naturopath.

With plenty of conflicting health advice on the market and rising rates of obesity and disease, it's hard to know what to follow. Fortunately, clinical naturopath Brendan Waddington is here to clear the way, show you what works and what doesn't, and present a vision of wellness for you.

In The Wellness Bible, Brendan provides straightforward, evidence-based advice honed by years of study and practice. He takes you step by step through methods anyone can use to achieve optimal wellness, from nutrition and exercise to sleep and emotional healthcare. He also explores the various systems within the body, the common health conditions encountered in each of them, and the natural remedies and powerful strategies for keeping them all in optimal condition.

If you're skeptical, don't worry. So is Brendan, but he's ready to blast through the bullshit, find the truth, and help you live a healthy life right now.

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Brendan Waddington ND BHSc

Naturopath, Clinical Masseur, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Author.

Brendan Waddington is a health science degree qualified naturopath, soft tissue therapist, yoga instructor and personal trainer who only concerns himself with evidence-based natural therapies.

His health and fitness journey began long ago, competing at a national level in martial arts at the age of eleven, then later ring fighting as a boxer and kickboxer until an injury led him to begin formal studies in health and fitness in his early twenties.

Brendan has worked in some of Australia's most prestigious gyms and high-profile health clinics. He has also traveled abroad as an international fitness director, public speaker and now works as a health and wellness advisor for one of the largest energy companies in the world.

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What is wellness?

One thing is for certain, it's more than simply the absence of disease and infirmity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health holistically, as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing.


Chapter 1: Lighten Up - Weight Loss

Chapter 2: Good Tucker - Food as Medicine

Chapter 3: Get Your Arse into Gear - Exercise

Chapter 4: Head Game - The Mind-Body Connection

Chapter 5: The Science of Nature - The Nature of Science

Chapter 6: Grey Matter - The Nervous System

Chapter 7: Balancing Act - The Endocrine System

Chapter 8: Granting Immunity - The Immunological System

Chapter 9: Heart of the Matter - The Cardiovascular System

Chapter 10: Take a Breath - The Respiratory System

Chapter 11: Gut Feelings - The Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 12: Biomechanics - The Musculoskeletal System

Chapter 13: Skin Deep - The Integumentary System

Chapter 14: Bloke's Health - The Male Reproductive System

Chapter 15: Sheila's Health - The Female Reproductive System

Chapter 16: Black Dog - Depression & Other Mental Health Issues

Chapter 17: Getting Long in the Tooth - Antiaging and Longevity

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Hot and Healthy Podcast: "How to sell holistic health to mine workers"

Made Beautiful By Scars: Brendan's story


Great, no nonsense guide to wellness and natural therapies. Easy to read and difficult to put down once you start reading!

Valuable and informative. Easy to read, informative, and comprehensive. Loving this book... Has already become my favourite 'go-to' resource.

Enjoyable and Informative read! Great advice and makes so much sense. This is the book I will continue to revert back to as my own personal "wellness bible". This author has spent a lot of time researching the fads, facts and fiction, so we don't have to. Truly informative and easy to read.

I read this thinking I knew something about health and fitness - but this author dispelled the myths and for once I am confident I am armed with the right knowledge. Thank you

A Life Changer! I started reading the Wellness bible and couldn't put it down. It talks common sense over telling lies. I found it easy to read and informative. Great book!

Best. Book. Ever. !!! This is by far the best book I've ever read!

So far so good. Loving this book

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